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Common Driving Distractions to Avoid

Most drivers are aware of the dangers and distractions of texting while driving. Unfortunately, cell phones are not the only distractions that drivers face. Be aware of these common dangers to keep yourself and your passengers’ safe on the road. Driving with a pet loose in the car is extremely distracting and can be dangerous. Read More

Three Life Events that Necessitate Life Insurance

Many people buy an insurance policy, set the payments to automatically be drafted from their checking account and rarely think about the policy again. This isn’t optimal since many people’s insurance needs change every few years. Here are three situations in which you should get life insurance, or increase the amount of your existing one:   When You Get Married- Soon after you say “I do” Read More

February Recipe: Mac and Cheese with Sweet Potato

In the winter, people tend to seek out warm and comforting foods. The downside of comfort food is that it isn’t always the best for your health. But, some comfort food classics can be made healthier. This recipe for macaroni and cheese made with sweet potatoes is great for the month of February and the Read More

RVing Safely This Winter

With much of the country encased in ice and snow, and Wisconsin in the thick of it, it’s important to take the time to consider winter safety for your RV. When the weather is questionable, you need to drive safely to prevent a costly and dangerous wreck. Before you head out, make sure your RV Read More

Parkview High School Dance Team placed 7th at the State Dance Championships!

Dance Team Press Release Parkview High School Dance team  competed at the Wisconsin Association of Cheer/Pom Coaches Southern Regional Competition at Watertown High School on Saturday, January 25, 2014.  All teams must qualify at the Eastern, Southern or Western Regional to compete at the WACPC State High School Dance Championships.  The team earned an outstanding Read More

Dangers Lurking in Parking Lots

Every time your vehicle is left in a parking lot in front of a store, on a street or in a parking garage, the car is exposed to certain risks.  Returning to a damaged vehicle is frustrating because auto insurance claims require time and resources.  Car repairs will demand your attention before other interests.  Hidden Read More