Celebrate Earth Day By Taking A Closer Look At Saving Energy In Your Home Or Office!

As consumers, many of us are finding ourselves inundated with a barrage of electrical gadgets and appliances for every possible desire. While many of these are truly great inventions that fulfill an obvious need, some may actually be wasting energy and raising our power bills when not in use, just be being plugged in!

As we approach another Earth Day, this is a great time to refresh our energy saving potential by asking some key questions about the appliances we use in our homes and offices, each day. Here is some helpful information to get you started!


Many people are guilty of leaving items plugged in when not in use. If the gadget is capable of powering off completely, this is not a bad habit. However, items, such as personal electronics, that have charging cords and transformers continue to eat electricity, even when the iPod, smartphone or other gadget has been taken off charge. If every person in the home is guilty of this costly practice, a sizeable savings on your energy bill could result by having everyone unplug these completely, when not in use.

Powering Down, But Not Off

We are always in a hurry and have become conditioned to press a button and get instant satisfaction, whether it be a cup of coffee, or a show on television. The appliances that supply us with this instantly available satisfaction, however, are quietly guzzling energy as they sit idle. Instant on television sets, computers, coffee makers, stereos, and lighting fixtures are just some of the appliances that should be unplugged when not being actually used, to gain maximum energy savings.

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