Common Driving Distractions to Avoid


Most drivers are aware of the dangers and distractions of texting while driving. Unfortunately, cell phones are not the only distractions that drivers face. Be aware of these common dangers to keep yourself and your passengers’ safe on the road.

Driving with a pet loose in the car is extremely distracting and can be dangerous. You may spend time worrying about where your pet is, and if it ends up on your lap or under your feet; you may lose control of your vehicle.

Young children are equally distracting, even when they are securely in car seats. Try to teach your children not to scream or fight while in the vehicle. Remember, no matter how well you teach them, you still need to be prepared.

GPS devices are supposed to help you get where you are going safely. Unfortunately, having to look at a small screen with a map is not helpful. A sudden voice telling you to turn can be worse. Use your GPS only when necessary.

Avoid arguing with passengers or getting engaged in lively debates. Do not try to get dressed or put on make-up while driving.  Do this before you leave your home. Do not try to eat or drink while you are driving. Food and beverage spills are distracting and hot beverages can cause you to lose control.

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