Dangers Lurking in Parking Lots

Every time your vehicle is left in a parking lot in front of a store, on a street or in a parking garage, the car is exposed to certain risks.  Returning to a damaged vehicle is frustrating because auto insurance claims require time and resources.  Car repairs will demand your attention before other interests.  Hidden risks in parking areas have become a source of frustration for drivers and insurers alike.

  • Intense competition – Aggressive driving in crowded parking lots increases danger for people and cars.  Patience is essential when everyone arrives and leaves at the same time.
  • Darkness – Lurking dangers are hard to see when your car is parked in shadowy areas.  Safety is paramount when leaving your car and returning after the sun has set.  Choose places under light posts whenever possible.
  • Illegal parking – Avoid spaces that are too narrow because other drivers have parked at odd angles.  Damage to your vehicle will be substantial if the other driver scrapes the sides of your car when backing out of his space.
  • Hit and run – Incidents of abandoned accident scenes have become more common.  Authorities in Wisconsin are working hard to find hit and run drivers.

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