Distracted Driving Survey Results

Distracted drivingWhen you get behind the wheel of a car, your first priority should be the safe operation of that vehicle. However, driving can become so monotonous that many people are tempted to do other things than simply drive. Playing with the radio, eating a hamburger, or talking to a passenger all contributes to distracted driving. Yet, the largest contributor to distracted driving is the cell phone.

Almost everyone has a cell phone, and with a “smart phone,” cell phone owners can use their phones for a wide variety of applications. While driving down the road, people can send e-mail and text messages, read articles, make phone calls, and check Facebook.

Allstate conducted a survey of around 1700 people across the country. They asked these people a series of questions about distracted driving. In those polls, researchers found that over one-third of the drivers admitted to texting and driving at least sometimes. Ironically though, over 37 percent of drivers said that their ability to drive while texting was poor. Thirty-six percent of drivers said that they knew someone who had been involved in a distracted driving accident.

Distracted driving is not safe. While you are behind the wheel of a car, turn off the cell phone and address your messages later. If a call comes in that you have to take, pull over to the side of the road to keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe.

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