Don’t Forget to Protect and Insure Your Valuable Christmas Gifts

You may not have opened your Christmas presents as of yet, but if you get something that is expensive, such as a new computer or an engagement ring, you might want to think about insuring it in case something ever happens.

The problem is that most homeowners insurance policies only cover personal belongings for theft or home damage like a fire, not to mention the fact that the coverage is only a fraction of the cost of your home’s value. Therefore, you may need an additional policy to cover that brand-new engagement ring in case it falls off your finger as you are on the trail for your morning job.

Keep in Mind…

It is important to take into account that certain gifts, such as computers and guns, have limits on how much they can be insured. Many policies will only pay about $1,000 for theft of jewelry. So, if your engagement ring cost $5,000, your insurance policy isn’t even going to put a dent in replacing it.

If your insurance company hasn’t asked for a list of your high-end, valuable items, give us a call at Sagen & Associates. We always ask so that we can make sure you are covered, as we understand the importance of your meaningful possessions. Servicing the Brodhead, WI, and surrounding areas, we will take as much time as needed to thoroughly assess your specific situation and find the best insurance coverage for you. Contact us today for more information regarding insuring your valuable possessions and Christmas gifts.