During These Cold Winter Conditions, Keep Warm When Plowing Snow

If you live in an area affected by these cold winter conditions, then staying warm should be a top priority even if you have to be outside with the snow plow. Whether you have to plow the snow for your job or just to keep your home driveway clear, it is easy to lose track of the time that you are out there.

In an attempt to stay warm and healthy, consider setting a timer on your cell phone and putting the phone in your pocket on vibrate. Once the timer goes off after 15 or 20 minutes, go inside to warm back up for a bit. By taking your time outside in shifts, you will not get overcome by the cold Wisconsin weather.

You should also try to dress in as many layers as possible to seal in your body heat.

Be aware that if you are using your personal vehicle to plow snow for a fee there may be exclusions and limitations to your coverage that could affect what you would have for coverage should you damage someone’s property.

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