Keep Your Home Safe From Thunderstorm Damage

Thunderstorm damagesAfter a long winter, nearly everyone is happy to see spring finally arrive. But spring has its own weather challenges, including thunderstorms. Some people consider thunderstorms a bit exciting — until they come out of their house and assess the damage. While some of the disarray can be straightened out through a homeowners insurance claim, many are surprised to find that not everything is covered.

Exactly what is covered will depend on the specific terms of your homeowners insurance policy, but typically things like wind damage from straight line winds or tornadoes and hail damage is eligible for coverage. Damage from flooding requires additional flood insurance in order to be covered. With quality policies of both homeowners and flood insurance you can be covered for a variety of post-storm challenges including yard clean up, damage caused by fallen trees and damage, and even temporary housing costs if damage is extensive enough to be deemed uninhabitable.

Getting the right coverage won’t necessarily be the least expensive, but taking the time to look at and understand your options will help you choose the features most important to you. It also helps to have policy terms and prices for several different insurance providers at your disposal. This is where a relationship with independent insurance agency Sagen & Associates in Brodhead, Wisconsin can be invaluable. Sagen & Associates have over 30 years of industry experience and have the connections in place not only for homeowners and related insurance, but also can show you policies for other types of insurance like auto, commercial, life and health and help you understand the coverage terms before you purchase a policy.  To discuss what coverage options are most important to you, contact Sagen & Associates today.