Renter insurance — Cushion the Shock of Sudden Loss

Insurance for the most important things you own in life is vital to make you whole again in the event of a loss, and fortunately it’s very inexpensive comparatively speaking. Renter insurance happens to be just as important to renters as homeowners insurance is to homeowners because it does provide coverage for financial loss and Read More

Sagen & Associates Teaches the Importance of Workers Compensation Insurance

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately five people for every 100 Wisconsin manufacturing workers were injured in 2012. This is just for one sector, and this already accounts for thousands of people who might receive workers compensation. Many more incidences occur in other industries (i.e. service, transportation). Therefore, Sagen & Associates encourages all Read More

Sagen & Associates Looks out for Wisconsin Businesses That Need Insurance

Many Wisconsin residents have always turned to Sagen & Associates to obtain personal property coverage. However, not everyone realizes we also assist clients in finding the right commercial insurance policy. For instance, we know providers who cover the cost of bodily injury, property damage and equipment maintenance. We even have connections with companies who offer Read More

Sagen & Associates Urges Graduation Hosts to be Safe

 “Parents who Host the Most Lose the Most,” says the sign that warns Wisconsin parents. This refers to underage drinking at graduation parties and other milestone events. However, safety at school events and private parties does not just refer to alcohol. Even when no beer, wine or liquor is served, accidents can still happen. Therefore, Read More

Summer Safety Reminders for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country. It is a time when summer activities get into full swing. It is also when we could use some reminders and tips about remaining safe during Memorial Weekend and the upcoming summer. Travel Travel dramatically increases over the weekend, Read More

Traveling for Business & Your Business Insurance

Business owners and employee managers are well aware of business insurance coverage and the benefits of such. However, there are scenarios involving travel that may not be covered by your current policy. For example, if you have insurance coverage that protects your business in its existing location, what do you do if you are away Read More

Excess Liability Insurance Explained

People commonly misunderstand excess liability insurance primarily because its title suggests it may be unnecessary. However, this coverage can prove to be a financial lifesaver for individuals and businesses. If you’re in the large group of people in the “misunderstood category,” you will no longer be a member once you read this explanation. Excess liability Read More

Keep Your Home Safe From Thunderstorm Damage

After a long winter, nearly everyone is happy to see spring finally arrive. But spring has its own weather challenges, including thunderstorms. Some people consider thunderstorms a bit exciting — until they come out of their house and assess the damage. While some of the disarray can be straightened out through a homeowners insurance claim, Read More

Weather tips to protect your insureds from Mother Nature

Here are some tips for the weather that we received from West Bend Cares: On the news recently, you may have seen rivers overflowing their banks or cars stuck in the middle of a flooded road. This is a sure sign spring is here and warmer temperatures are on the way. At this time of Read More

Distracted Driving Survey Results

When you get behind the wheel of a car, your first priority should be the safe operation of that vehicle. However, driving can become so monotonous that many people are tempted to do other things than simply drive. Playing with the radio, eating a hamburger, or talking to a passenger all contributes to distracted driving. Read More