Protect Yourself From Identity Theft


Making purchases online has become second nature due to advances in technology. In fact, many people store their financial and personal information on their Smartphone and computers. The fact that technology is advancing also means that criminals interested in stealing your personal information are getting savvy as well.

CBS News states every three seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft. Thieves take advantage of security holes in technology you rely on each day. Fighting to restore your credit history after it has been compromised can take hours of your time and cost you thousands of dollars.

Whether you are on your home computer, Smartphone or tablet you must ensure that your personal information is secure. Additionally, establishing a plan that covers the costs associated with identity theft is a wise decision. By purchasing identity theft protection you limit your liability in the long run.

With Sagen & Associates you can get insurance and identity theft protection all in one transaction. When you are ready to ensure that your family’s lifestyle isn’t devastated by identity theft in Wisconsin, contact Sagen & Associates and add identity theft protection to your insurance policy.