RVing Safely This Winter

With much of the country encased in ice and snow, and Wisconsin in the thick of it, it’s important to take the time to consider winter safety for your RV. When the weather is questionable, you need to drive safely to prevent a costly and dangerous wreck.

Before you head out, make sure your RV is ready for winter driving conditions. Ensure that the tires have good tread, the antifreeze is topped off and the fuel tank is properly heated. Then, seal off the interior of the RV using vent cushions, caulk and weather stripping to prevent heat loss. Finally, make sure you will be comfortable once you arrive at your destination with heated water lines and an upgraded heating system.

Don’t forget to ensure that you have adequate coverage in your auto insurance policy to cover your RV. Crashes are more likely in slippery conditions, so winter is a great time to start shopping for a comprehensive policy that will cover your cars as well as your RV.

If you have questions about finding auto insurance to help protect your RV from winter weather, contact the Wisconsin auto insurance experts at Sagen & Associates.