Sagen & Associates Teaches the Importance of Workers Compensation Insurance

Word cloud for Workers' compensationAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately five people for every 100 Wisconsin manufacturing workers were injured in 2012. This is just for one sector, and this already accounts for thousands of people who might receive workers compensation. Many more incidences occur in other industries (i.e. service, transportation).

Therefore, Sagen & Associates encourages all workers to stay safe. We also encourage manufacturing, mining, construction, public metro and restaurant managers to provide proper safety training.  This will prevent accidents occurring because of slips, falls, trips, equipment failure, harmful chemicals and more. It will also reduce the numbers of fatalities that occur at work

However, sometimes accidents do happen, and we hope those injuries do not result in loss of life. In any case, we strongly urge companies to obtain the highest level of workers’ compensation available. This will prevent companies from the burden of expenses that incur when people are hurt at work. It also helps businesses pay for liability expenses pertaining to illnesses caused on the job.

For any questions concerning small business coverage in Wisconsin, please contact Sagen & Associates today. We have leads to the best workers compensation insurance policies.