Sagen & Associates Urges Graduation Hosts to be Safe

Graduation cap and diploma 
“Parents who Host the Most Lose the Most,” says the sign that warns Wisconsin parents. This refers to underage drinking at graduation parties and other milestone events.

However, safety at school events and private parties does not just refer to alcohol. Even when no beer, wine or liquor is served, accidents can still happen. Therefore, Sagen & Associates urges people to use precaution.

For instance, keep mean dogs locked up in an enclosed area while guests are visiting. Make sure children do not run in the road and use common sense when having an outdoor barbeque. In addition, try to have a large enough space for the gathering to accommodate everyone. It also helps to have insurance that provides coverage for personal injury that also pays for fire damages.

Wisconsin residents who need insurance to protect themselves and the minors on their property can contact Sagen & Associates. We answer all questions pertaining to coverage for any reason that will pay for damages no matter where the party occurs.