Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Now that winter finally seems to be letting go, everyone is anticipating the warm weather and the fun activities ahead. By taking care of some spring maintenance projects now, you can enjoy more of that fun and warmth without having to work in it. Here are some things you can take care of now to get a jump on your spring maintenance projects:

  • Yard Cleanup – Going around now and picking up all the limbs and debris winter dumped in your yard is easier because the grass hasn’t grown up much as of yet. This not only looks better but it reduces hazards to people and pets as well.
  • Home Inspection – Take a look at the roofing shingles or tiles on your house and check the siding and foundations as well. Having damage repaired now means you reduce the chances for further damage later.
  • Check Porches, Steps, Sidewalks and Driveways – Winter causes concrete and asphalt both to expand and contract, sometimes causing cracks and holes. Fixing those now means reducing the chances someone could trip and fall, being injured in the process.

Regardless of how assiduous we are doing maintenance, accidents around the home still happen. Now is also a great time to check on your homeowners insurance to make sure it is up to date and that you have coverage for any expensive items or gifts you’ve acquired since the last time you checked. Contacting Sagen & Associates in the Brodhead, Wisconsin area to get a quote on updating your homeowners policies is a great way to make sure your spring maintenance is complete!