Traveling for Business & Your Business Insurance

Business owners and employee managers are well aware of business insurance coverage and the benefits of such. However, there are scenarios involving travel that may not be covered by your current policy. For example, if you have insurance coverage that protects your business in its existing location, what do you do if you are away Read More

Excess Liability Insurance Explained

People commonly misunderstand excess liability insurance primarily because its title suggests it may be unnecessary. However, this coverage can prove to be a financial lifesaver for individuals and businesses. If you’re in the large group of people in the “misunderstood category,” you will no longer be a member once you read this explanation. Excess liability Read More

Keep Your Home Safe From Thunderstorm Damage

After a long winter, nearly everyone is happy to see spring finally arrive. But spring has its own weather challenges, including thunderstorms. Some people consider thunderstorms a bit exciting — until they come out of their house and assess the damage. While some of the disarray can be straightened out through a homeowners insurance claim, Read More

Distracted Driving Survey Results

When you get behind the wheel of a car, your first priority should be the safe operation of that vehicle. However, driving can become so monotonous that many people are tempted to do other things than simply drive. Playing with the radio, eating a hamburger, or talking to a passenger all contributes to distracted driving. Read More

Events in May in Brodhead, Wisconsin

This May in Brodhead, Wisconsin mark your calendars for the third Sunday. The Young Eagles will be giving airplane rides to kids, ages 8 to 17, at this annual event, which also includes a pancake breakfast. In addition airplane enthusiasts will get a chance to see many of their favorite flying machines on display. Come Read More

Common Financial Mistakes Made by Millenials

Millenials are facing the toughest job market in years, having to work harder than ever to get employed. Adding to this problem is the fact that they have heavy student loan debt with the average graduate carrying $24,000 in loans. But these aren’t the only problems this generation is facing. Many of them are making Read More

Roasted Asparagus Recipe for Spring

In addition to offering protective insurance coverage, Sagen & Associates provides you with tips for improving your health and livelihood. Today our tip for you is to improve your eating habits by choosing seasonal recipes. For spring, try this recipe for roasted asparagus with lemon and garlic. In addition to being a seasonal spring vegetable, Read More