Keep Your Home Safe From Thunderstorm Damage

After a long winter, nearly everyone is happy to see spring finally arrive. But spring has its own weather challenges, including thunderstorms. Some people consider thunderstorms a bit exciting — until they come out of their house and assess the damage. While some of the disarray can be straightened out through a homeowners insurance claim, Read More

Distracted Driving Survey Results

When you get behind the wheel of a car, your first priority should be the safe operation of that vehicle. However, driving can become so monotonous that many people are tempted to do other things than simply drive. Playing with the radio, eating a hamburger, or talking to a passenger all contributes to distracted driving. Read More

Events in May in Brodhead, Wisconsin

This May in Brodhead, Wisconsin mark your calendars for the third Sunday. The Young Eagles will be giving airplane rides to kids, ages 8 to 17, at this annual event, which also includes a pancake breakfast. In addition airplane enthusiasts will get a chance to see many of their favorite flying machines on display. Come Read More

Understanding the Home Renovation Process

Home renovations can take many forms, with varying degrees of cost and complexity. To save time, money and aggravation, understand the process, considerations and steps involved. Here is a simple checklist of considerations that can help you have a successful renovation. Home Renovation Considerations Understand the scope of the project before you start. Take off Read More

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Making purchases online has become second nature due to advances in technology. In fact, many people store their financial and personal information on their Smartphone and computers. The fact that technology is advancing also means that criminals interested in stealing your personal information are getting savvy as well. CBS News states every three seconds someone Read More

Choose the Right Car for Your Teenage Driver

According to the Centers for Disease Control, seven teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 died each day as a result of a car crash in 2010. Although there are a fewer teenaged drivers, they make up nearly one third of all costs of motor vehicles injuries in the US. One way you can Read More

Common Driving Distractions to Avoid

Most drivers are aware of the dangers and distractions of texting while driving. Unfortunately, cell phones are not the only distractions that drivers face. Be aware of these common dangers to keep yourself and your passengers’ safe on the road. Driving with a pet loose in the car is extremely distracting and can be dangerous. Read More