Traveling for Business & Your Business Insurance

Business traveling insuranceBusiness owners and employee managers are well aware of business insurance coverage and the benefits of such. However, there are scenarios involving travel that may not be covered by your current policy. For example, if you have insurance coverage that protects your business in its existing location, what do you do if you are away at conferences, business lunch meetings, or visiting with clients? While conferences, trade shows, workshops and lectures are a great way to connect with potential clients, customers and colleagues, it carries risks. For example, your informational booth with all your technologies may be robbed, set on fire, or crashed into in an accident—all of which may not be covered by your existing business insurance policy.

Other considerations for coverage include retreats, orientations, team building exercises and business carried on away from your brick-and-mortar location. In each of these instances there are multiple possibilities of accidents and dangerous situations that could leave your business in the gulch if you are not fully protected with the appropriate amount of insurance coverage. To learn more about business insurance coverage in Wisconsin, please contact Sagen & Associates of Brodhead.